Impresario - 60 day trial

Impresario is a simple, yet powerful Lotus Notes based task manager. Impresario provides an easy way to manage your projects and tasks so that you have accountability, notifications and deadlines for tasks.

Latest Revision: v1.72

Right-click the icon below and choose File-Save-As. Save to your Notes\Data directory. Rollout procedures below.


Rollout Procedures

Copy the template to your Notes\Data directory

The easiest way to install is to copy the template to your local Notes\Data directory (the base directory for your Notes databases - note that it can be named differently according to your install).

Sign the template

The easiest way to sign a database or a template is with the aid of the Administrator Client. You should sign the database with a signer's id that can run restricted agents on the server on which you place the databases. Make sure this signer is in the [Admin] role in this database. Also, keep in mind that the replies to emails about upcoming or overdue tasks may go to this signer's mail file (if users happen to reply).

Create a new database using the template

File-Database-New to create a new database on the destination server. With the Template Server set to 'Local', choose the template from the list and create the new database.


Create the recommended ACL recommended entries as defined in the Help-Using this Database document. Then, set the "Enforce consistent ACL". Make sure you are a manager locally.

Set your roles

There are 2 roles in the database: [Admin] and [Project Manager]. If you are the owner/creator of the database, you should probably add yourself to both roles.


You must edit/create the Configuration document. Complete all the fields as necessary to your implementation. Only [Admin] role members have rights to create or edit the Configuration document.

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