Reduce your mail and application database sizes by 50% or higher.

Compress attachments by 85% or higher!


"AttachZIP rescued our Lotus Domino 6.5 mail server which was critically low on disk space. We configured AttachZIP to process 200 of our large mailboxes in a local replica mailbox environment. When a Notes 6.5 user sends an email it is automatically converted to ZIP format. We scheduled AttachZIP to run on the weekend and archive attachments in emails older than X days. The attachments are (1) replaced with a Notes native Document Link, (2) converted to ZIP format, then (3) moved to a Lotus Notes archive database on another hard drive. The original email header (summary) and body remains in the user's mailbox. We would also like to mention Ives Technologies provided outstanding technical support to help us quickly implement the solution."

- Haniappah Abdul, IT Executive, BASF Construction Chemicals UAE LLC

"We purchased AttachZIP since our Lotus Domino 7.0 mail server was low on disk space. Our Domino Administrator configured it to convert attachments to ZIP format in emails older than 1 year. We execute it on 50 of our largest mailboxes on an adhoc basis. We have not explored the end user or scheduling functionality yet, but it saved us in an emergency situation when we needed to regain disk space. After we run AttachZIP we issue the Domino Server console command 'Load Compact -B' to see an immediate disk space savings from the operating system level."

- Erik Ricalde, Desktop Support Manager, Travel Exchange Ltd