Reduce your mail and application database sizes by 50% or higher.

Compress attachments by 85% or higher!

Are attachments in your databases choking disk space ?

AttachZIP is an attachment compression and archive solution for Lotus Notes which significantly reduces database sizes and network bandwidth on Lotus Domino servers.

Domino Administrators can save Gigabytes or Terabytes of disk space on Domino servers by compressing attachments in Lotus Notes mailboxes and application databases. End Users can automatically convert and seamlessly attach files in ZIP format to Lotus Notes email and applications. Attachments are automatically converted on-the-fly to ZIP format when the user clicks the "Send" email button. End Users can use AttachZIP to compress existing attachments in their mail and application databases.


  • Automatically compress attachments in outbound, inbound and old emails
  • Schedule attachment compression or archiving daily, weekly and monthly
  • Convert attachments in each document to compressed ZIP file format
  • Re-attach attachments in each document to force native LZ1 or Huffman compression
  • Replace attachments in each document with a Document Link to a central repository database containing either compressed ZIP files or the original attachments
  • PPMd ZIP option can achieve up to 30% better compression than normal ZIP on many file types. BZIP2 ZIP option can achieve up to 20% better compression than normal ZIP on many file types
  • R8/R7/R6 Compatible
  • Server Platform Independent: Windows, OS/400, AIX, Solaris, Linux


After the native LZ1 compression attachment property is enabled on a mailbox or database documents with existing attachments will still use the old Huffman compression. AttachZIP can convert all these attachments to either LZ1 or ZIP compression.

AttachZIP is a mature proven product which has been the choice for many Fortune 500 companies looking for a Lotus Notes and Domino compression and archive solution to maximize available disk space in the Lotus Domino environment.