begins advertising on Lotus Notes Apps offers a suite of Lotus Notes Tools and Add-on software. It has been IBM certified to run in small to large Lotus Notes and Domino enterprise environments as listed in the IBM Global Solutions Directory and IBM Lotus and WebSphere Portal Business Solutions Catalog.

  • ACL Dominator for Lotus Notes - ACL Reporting and Management Security tool
    (ACL, mailbox user activity, delegation, out of office and full text index reports, and group troubleshooting)
  • AttachZIP for Lotus Notes - Attachment Compression and Archive solution
    (ZIP and naitive-LZ1 compression)
  • Print Merge Reporter for Lotus Notes - Printing and Reporting solution
    (mail merge, bulk email, barcodes, charts, reports, export, PDF)
  • TOTAL Recall for Lotus Notes - Message Recall solution
    (20+ nested groups and multiple Notes domains supported)
  • H-Fax Voicemail Center for Lotus Notes - Fax and Voicemail solution
    (review faxes and voicemail from any Notes/Web client or phone, multiple voice mailboxes, Caller ID routing)