Print Merge Reporter for Lotus Notes and Domino



Bulk Email and Inventory Barcoding now included!

Integrate Notes with Word and Excel !

Seamlessly integrate your existing Notes applications with printing and reporting functionality including mail merging your Personal Address Book contacts.


"We were looking for an add-on web tool that would export existing Domino data into a simple Excel Spreadsheet & create multi color charts from the data that could be used during meetings & presentations. Ives Technologies fit that bill with their 'Print Merge Reporter' product. We integrated Print Merge Reporter with our TrackSource Management Systems which is an On-Line subscription based web application that is widely used by several states’ Workforce Investment agencies. TrackSource monitors & allows trend analysis of multi-million dollar workforce grants. The technical support from IVE stood with us through every step of configuration & setup. We had several unique applications for Print Merge Reporter that required customized setup, however; this Lotus Notes/Domino application is very easy to configure & use in normal operations. Our clients are very pleased with the results from Print Merge Reporter. It creates very professional and productive graphs & charts that graphically represent the extensive data from TrackSource. I would highly recommend Print Merge to anyone that needs a graphic representation of their Lotus Notes/Domino Data."
-Mark D. Corrigan Sr., Director of Business Development & Design, TrackSource Management Systems

"We use Print Merge Reporter primarily for printing retail barcodes on Avery brand labels. It is extremely easy to use. We purchased software made by WASP, but it was too difficult. In a side by side comparison Print Merge Reporter was the simple solution for us. We store our barcode data such as product codes and pricing in the sample Barcode application which was included with the software."
- Kristina Koch, Senior Manager, Ritzy Canine