SWING PDF Converter for Lotus Notes

Convert Lotus Notes documents to PDF for sharing, archiving or web printing

Lotus Notes to PDF SWING PDF Converter enables Lotus Notes users and application developers to convert Lotus Notes documents into standard PDF format. It can be easily deployed as a Notes toolbar add-on, or can be delivered within your applications, either client-based or web-based.

For End-Users

  • PDF icon in the Lotus Notes toolbar
  • Converts instantly any Notes document (including email) into PDF
  • View-to-PDF: combines multiple documents into one PDF
  • Does not require a printer driver to be installed nor DLL files
  • Centralized deployment and configuration
  • Not allowed to install on server? Install it locally.

For Developers

  • LotusScript API
  • Does not require a separate installation. Just include it into your apps.
  • Does not require the http task to be running on the server
  • Run the code either on the Notes client or on the server
  • Format documents using alternate forms, if needed
  • Produce print-quality output from Domino web applications

Ready to use Notes-to-PDF

Lotus Notes has finally got a PDF icon for its toolbar. Whether you need a single Notes document with all its attachments to be converted, or you want to select multiple documents and convert them into a compound PDF - it is now just a click away!

The installation is quick and simple - if the SWING PDF Converter database resides on your Domino server, the deployment to individual Notes users or groups is as simple as sending an email.

Email/Document Archiving: Discover PDF Packages

SWING PDF Converter introduces greatly simplified email archiving and document archiving capabilities to Lotus Notes and Domino. You can archive any email or document collection into a PDF Package .

A PDF Package is a single PDF file which acts as a container for other documents or email messages. It consists of any number of documents/emails with their corresponding attachments. It also contains a view with columns from the original Notes view (e.g. Date, From, To, Subject), so users can sort, search and navigate through documents/emails with ease - all this inside Adobe Reader.

You can easily archive all documents and emails related to a project, case, or a customer into a single PDF Package. These PDF archives can be used independently or as a part of a corporate records repository for legal discovery and business uses.

Developers can also create server-based agents using our LotusScript API. Agents can be scheduled to produce PDF files unattended.

Produce print-quality output from Domino web applications

The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) paradigm is broken on the web. If you optimize your XPages for interactive data entry on the web, you may still want to design a document layout for printing, using familiar Domino Designer. How do you print these documents without the Notes client, though? Simply invoke a SWING PDF Converter function. Besides printing, the resulting PDFs can also be saved, attached, emailed, or faxed (through a fax server).

This method is perfect for creating Letters, Faxes, Billing Reports, Certificates and other documents as shareable PDFs, directly from your applications.

Solve your specific problem

Can’t find the conversion feature you are looking for? Would you like to use an existing feature in a different way? Are there any more specific usage scenarios that you wish to provide?

Let SWING Software do all the heavy-lifting for you. Just send us a description of your requirements and goals and our technical team will advise on the best way to achieve these. If needed, we can also write sample code for you, or even build an entire custom application.

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