Project Management for Lotus Notes

Easy to use, flexible and robust



Create a project and start creating tasks and assignments


Automic email with triggers like tasks due or overdue


Create templates of common projects that occur frequently


Changes to projects, tasks, and issues are automatically saved


Uses Lotus Notes database and document level security


Display upcoming tasks by month, week, or day

Kristin Baier
Impresario is wonderful...
Just a quick note to tell you how much Impresario helps me. The ability to quickly and easily define projects and subtasks, repeat them using templates and export to project if required is a fabulous help. Add to that the integration with [Lotus] Notes to assign tasks and the built in reminder/tracking emails and you have a big winner. Thanks!
John Kelly
Still using the project management tool and it's great. Thanks!
There are very few project management tools that integrate with Lotus Notes. Having used this tool for over a year, I consistently found it easy to use, flexible and robust. I highly recommend it!
Vince Urban
I can't say enough good things about this program
From a project manager's point of view, this is a must have with Lotus Notes. This program will save me (and all project managers) endless hours of follow-up and reminders. Giving me more time to manage the critical pieces of the project. Thanks again for all your help!

$99 per replica*

*Replicas in Lotus Notes can be replicated across multiple servers but represent one unique instance.

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